Africa 21

EU Business School positions itself as a thought leader and provides a platform through its various research and outreach initiatives to foster effective public-private collaborations on key global issues. As a platform, it adopts a multi-stakeholder approach by coordinating with players from academia, business and industry, international organizations, think tanks and NGOs. In this regard, EU Business School has partnered with association Africa 21 to further boost its research credentials in the area.

africa 21

Association Africa 21 (Africa 21) is a Geneva-based think tank created in 2011 to promote a better understanding and realization of sustainable development in Africa, particularly in terms of the implementation of the un 2030 agenda for sustainable development and its 17 objectives.

The scope of operations targets all African actors and actors in Africa. Africa 21 positions itself as a platform for exchange between practitioners and researchers from the South and North, and a network of African expertise. The primary mission is to generate and analyze knowledge and innovate sustainable development solutions in and for Africa, to understand the problems of implementation in the field and disseminate the good practice solutions that achieve the development goals in Africa.

Through this partnership, EU Business School and Africa 21 will engage in the following collaborative activities:

  • Identify topics of mutual interest to jointly develop and co-host knowledge sharing workshops and events for academia and the international community;
  • Identify topics of mutual interest for joint research, as well as joint publication of opinion pieces, white papers and policy briefs;
  • Co-host joint training programs, including contribute to the development of training modules in line with learning outcomes identified by the parties; as well as co-delivery of training programs;
  • Co-design and deliver development interventions.

In this regard, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the parties on 19 July 2019.