About Us

Through this platform we seek to further solidify the research output of the institution, and to provide outreach and visibility of our many research endeavors. Through ONResearch, we hope to develop and implement a concrete set of action plans that will confirm EU Business School as a leading institution guided by real-world research.

In the initial stages, our research activities were mostly focused on our business curricula. Over the past few years we have decided to take our vision to the wider world – leveraging business with the broader international community. ONResearch is the manifestation of such efforts. Set up in 2018, ONResearch is overseen by the European University Foundation, an independent, non-profit, and public entity. Accordingly, our research activities are completely neutral and non-partisan and confers us the necessary self-autonomy to pursue our vision: to serve the wider international business community through interdisciplinary methods, applicable research and skills, and responsible leadership.

ONResearch is a platform for both our internal research, as well as those research activities that are directed towards our stakeholders, partners and the wider world. The strategic vision of EU Business School has resolutely advanced interconnectedness of business to the external environment, and to a global community of networks, which we have meticulously fostered over the years. ONResearch is guided by the same ethos where we uniquely blend fundamental and disciplinary business research with applied and interdisciplinary business research to focus on fundamental research with practical applications. Under the auspices of the independent foundation, we must constantly adapt to changes in the external environment, which requires a commitment from our side to be accountable towards our research output.

Hence, we intend to realize the above through a three-fold strategy:


Supporting a world-class faculty inculcating a spirit of discovery, and a research-guided curriculum - blending theoretical knowledge with practical application. This is carried out by developing an outlook where we model our learning and teaching activities with constant interactions with global business leaders and policymakers.


Production of new applicable knowledge for the wider world through our internal research (student and faculty), our research journal, research partnerships and projects.


Outreach and visibility of our efforts through conducting research events, conferences and seminars.

The ONResearch platform hosts the peer-reviewed, open access, and bi-annual journal of EU Business School, with the same epithet of ONResearch. Furthermore, you can find out more about our research activities, completed projects, events, and how you can participate. We hope that you will find ONResearch useful as we constantly seek to expand our research activities to new frontiers.


We invite you to join our projects, contact us at: research@euruni.edu