ONResearch Talks

Is Multilateralism Dead?

Is Multilateralism Dead?

Current global events, compounded by the recent Covid-19 crisis, have raised many criticisms and questions regarding the functioning of our international ...

Trade and Blockchain

Trade and Blockchain

Emmanuelle Ganne, Senior Analyst in the Economic Research and Statistics division of the World Trade Organization (WTO), spoke with ON Research and shared her insights into the ...

Temie Giwa-Tubosun

A Race For Life; Wheels, Wings And More

ONResearch spoke with Temie Giwa-Tubosun, founder and CEO of LifeBank, a medical distribution company that uses data, technology and smart ...

Huguette Umutoni

Policy & Advocacy In A Pandemic; Keeping The Focus On 
Improving Lives

Huguette U. Bitega, co-Founder of Bitega, Omisore & Associates (BOA) a communication strategy firm, and external Champion ...

Dupe Olusola

Leading The Charge: Adaptability, Reliability And Innovation In
One Of West Africa’S Oldest And Most Reputable Hospitality Brands

Dupe Olusola is Managing Director and CEO at Transcorp Hotels. She is an award-winning business executive with a wealth of experience ...

James Vena

Modern Leadership And Pandemic Recovery

James Vena is a retired Wall St CEO, Entrepreneur, US-China Trade Pioneer, Board Member, PE/VC Advisor, Investor and 4X Author. He talks to ONResearch ...

Myriam Laroche

Fashion Trends & Sustainability: Creating Demand And Changing Perceptions

An expert in sustainable fashion and textile circularity, Myriam Laroche has worked in the clothing industry for nearly 25 years. In 2009, she decided ...

Nicolas Bürer

Swiss Digital Id Law: Challenges And Opportunities

On March 7th, 2021, Switzerland is preparing for a vote regarding a new digital ID law. Nicolas Bürer, Managing Director of digitalswitzerland, entrepreneur and ...

Kristina Touzenis

Sustainable Finance Today: What It Means And Where It’S Headed

As part of the ONResearch Talks series, Kristina Touzenis, Managing Director of BST Impacttalks to ONResearch Partnership Coordinator Ugo Ikpeazu on sustainable finance ...

Julien Chambolle

Bolstering The Sdg Decade: Journalism For Effective Debate

As part of the ONResearch Talks series, Julien Chambolle the Secretary General of Association Africa 21 talks to our ONResearch Partnership Coordinator Ugo Ikpeazu ...

Ishmael Dodoo

Sustainability In The Sahel Region; An Ecosystem Approach

The United Nations is looking at creative ways to contribute to human development in the decade of action. Ishmael Dodoo, Programme Coordinator for the UN Joint Programme ...


Challenges And Prospects Of Gender Equality

In honor of Women in Business month at EU Business School, ONResearch hosted a special virtual panel discussion on the Challenges and Prospects of Gender Equality. 

Benedikt Franke

Beyond Missiles: A Perspective On Security

In our ONResearch Talks, Dr. Benedikt Franke, Chief Executive Officer at the Munich Security Conference, talks to our Editor-in-Chief, Suddha Chakravartti, on the evolving ...

Oby Ezekwesili

Political Leadership That Drives Economic Growth In Frontier Market Contexts

Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, Senior Economic Adviser, Africa Economic Development Policy Initiative, Former Minister in Government of Nigeria, Former Vice President of World ...

Raghunath Mandava

Telecom Services: Navigating From Challenges To An Ecosystem Enabler

Raghunath Mandava, CEO Airtel Africa , talks to Ugo Ikpeazu, Partnerships Coordinator and Research Associate at ONResearch, about Telecom Services ...

Joel Goh

Healthcare, Technology And Management: A Cross-Cutting Approach To Enhancing Service Delivery

As part of the ONResearch Talks series, Professor Joel Goh talks to ONResearch Partnership Coordinator Ugo Ikpeazu on Healthcare Analytics and Supply ...