Research Conference 2020

The Research Conference 2020, hosted by ONResearch, is an opportunity for deep-dive discussions into the findings of ongoing research within the EU Business School network. This virtual event explores the evolving post-Covid-19 landscape in the context of consumerism, business/individual continuity, and productivity.

The Evolving post-Covid-19 Landscape

The Evolving post-Covid-19 Landscape


On consumerism and business continuity, we reflect on the death of content marketing and the impacts the pandemic will have on the fashion and luxury industries. On productivity and continuity, we reflect on the job market as well as the challenges and opportunities of doing business in special contexts. The variety of concepts here serve as the basis for a rich and engaging discussion on how individuals/habits have been influenced by the sudden changes in society as well as how businesses have had to adapt to satisfy needs and keep up with habits. From fashion to the sports industry and from slums to Darwin, join us as we connect the dots to reveal new images of our society.

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How Darwin and X-Men can help you find a Job in the Sport Industry?

by Vanessa Tribet

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The Death of Content Marketing

by Bill Morrison, Raphaele Cline and Margaryta Pugach

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Fashion and Luxury in a Pandemic

by Lesley Botez Lawson

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Business in Special Contexts – Underserved Communities

by Ugo Ikpeazu and Godwin Abaimun

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